Adopting a Dog: Why to Adopt in 2016

We get asked more often than you might expect why exactly somebody should think about adopting a dog. That might be surprising to people who have been rescue adopters in the past, or to folks who have worked with abused or neglected pets in some capacity. However, to a lot of people, the whole idea of rescuing an animal through adoption is totally new. So, if you’re thinking about adoption for the first time, or a friend of the Kennel looking to spread the word about our work, here’s our quick and simple list of all the reasons adoption is the right choice when it comes to bringing a new pet into your home.


Adopting pets saves animal lives

child and a dog

Nearly 3 million animals are euthanized every year in this country, simply because shelters are filled to capacity, and there aren’t enough people currently adopting rescue animals. Adopting your next pet can save a life–plain and simple. And by supporting your shelter through paying a minimal adoption fee, you’ll help the Kennel or another organization take in, rehabilitate, and find homes for many more animals who might not otherwise make it.


You’ll end up with a companion who has a strong personality


We all know that one of the primary reasons we bond with our pets is because the have strong personalities. Rescue animals have been through a lot, and they’ve got the personalities to prove it. Many adopters also find that they form bonds of extreme gratitude and compassion with their dogs, who are endlessly glad to have finally found a home. If you’re looking for a deep relationship with lots of color and flair, a rescue dog will be just up your alley.


You’ll save money, and the money you spend will all go to a good cause

holding hands with a dog

Adopting a pet costs just a fraction of the money you’d pay to purchase a bred canine. You can generally adopt a pet for just a couple hundred dollars, while you’ll easy spend over $1,000 for many popular breeds.


Many shelters also include basic startup procedures like neutering, vaccinations, and microchip tagging in the fee they’ll charge when you adopt. That’s all saving you money you’d otherwise pay on top of the purchase price.


Plus, all the money you’re putting down to adopt your pet is supporting the important work of a local non-profit organization. Every penny you give to the shelter will help feed, house, and care for other pooches in need. That’s a much better mission to support than a professional breeder who thinks of dogs as a means to make money!


You’ll be helping put the puppy mill industry out of business


Puppy mills are the term for large, industrial breeding operations. Most people would avoid getting a dog from a puppy mill, but the sad truth is that many retailers and smaller dog providers have gotten their hounds from a puppy mill, and haven’t told you. These big “factory farms” of puppies usually have appalling conditions, and they overwork a mother hound for years, in which she never catches a break from being bred, and never finds a loving home. Don’t give your money to an industrial puppy mill. Help organizations like the Kennel that are working to make them a thing of the past.


You’ll get a sense of pride, and be able to share it with friends and family

man and dogs

Don’t worry about trying to be modest. Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do, and you should feel very proud of the conscientious choice you’ve made to help make a difference in the world as well as expanding your family. Your pride and joy will be infectious, and help inspire others to consider adopting their next pet as well!


You’ll benefit emotionally and physically


Your new rescue dog will provide immense benefits to your overall health. Studies have shown again and again that dogs make you more relaxed, less stressed-out, and more happy overall. Dogs are also a great reason to become more active, and spend time outside. All that adds up to a huge boost to your well-being. It’s one of the reasons the Kennel works to place rescue dogs with new American families. Dogs can be real agents of positive change, and you’ll find untold benefits from your new relationship.


You’ll be in good hands


Here at the Out of Africa Kennel, and at most good shelters, you’ll adopt with the knowledge that there’s a strong support system in place to help you train your dog, help them adjust to their new home, and integrate with your other pets. We publish regular how-to’s and guides to help you out, like our guide to “Dealing with fleas using the best steam cleaners and other techniques”. Adoption is belonging to a community, and that’s really the most important thing you can do to effect real change!